Update Your Solar Panels in the Pensacola, FL Area

Contact us for safe, easy solar panel removal and reinstall services

If one of your solar panels stop working, count on Solar Service Electric USA LLC to provide a full solar panel removal and reinstall service in Pensacola & Panama City, FL or the surrounding area. We offer comprehensive solar panel removal services that will safely remove your faulty panel from the solar grid and install a brand-new replacement.

Get your solar power back to running at maximum capacity. When you notice that a panel has stopped functioning correctly, contact us immediately to schedule your solar panel removal services and reinstallation.

No-stress solar panel replacements

Unexpected storms, faulty manufacturing or other roofing companies can lead to a variety of solar panel damage, including:

Micro-cracks and hot spotting
Loose wiring outside the panel
Module damage from surroundings

Our technician team is trained to follow all electrical guidelines and OSHA mandates to ensure that our solar panel removal and reinstall services are completed quickly and efficiently.
Avoid letting ineffective solar panels go unchecked by calling us for solar panel removal services when you notice any potential damage.